Recall Demanded for Jeep Grand Cherokees

The consumer advocacy group, the Center For Auto Safety is asking for the recall of five million Jeep Grand Cherokees. This is due children dying after rear end collisions.

the center cited the deaths of three children since 2006 in fires that occurred when the Jeeps in which they were riding were struck from the rear.


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Distracted Driving Facts & Statistics: An Infographic

In order to raise awareness for those drivers who use their cellular products irresponsibly while driving we've created an infographic for December! 

Distracted Driving Facts & Statistics

Charles "Peanut" Wilson - Defendant's setting

Today the defendant charged with Charles Wilson's misdemeanor death by motor vehicle had his first setting.  His attorneys asked for a continuance and were granted one until October 3, 9am, when the next hearing is scheduled.

The family of Charles Wilson attended and had t-shirts printed up featuring pictures of Charles and honoring his memory.  His mother, Brenda Sue, continues to be in visible grief, as the rest of the family tries to put on as strong a face as possible.

I attended the hearing on behalf of the family, and so did my co-counsel for this matter, Chris Nichols, whose help has proved invaluable as we continue to investigate the facts and circumstances surrounding Charles Wilson's tragic death on July 10th of this year.  Chris has great experience in handling wrongful death actions in this state, and he has already aided us immensely in our work thus far.  For those readers who practice law in North Carolina, Chris also maintains a blog on North Carolina trial law topics found here.

We didn't have much to say in court as the Estate isn't a party to the criminal proceeding, however we did speak with the press afterwards.  A recap of that conversation is on the flip.  If you are visiting this blog for the first time, and if you happen to know anything about Charles Wilson's death, please contact us toll-free at 1-877-829-7211.

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Charles G. "Peanut" Wilson

Charles Wilson, the inmate killed on I-40 while working on the side of the road, was laid to rest today.  His family is still mourning.  Charles had a strong impact on many people, and now he is gone.  The circumstances surrounding his death are still being investigated by our firm and we hope to have that wrapped up soon.  I told Charles' family that right now, I can't give them many answers.  For me, the Psalmist is the one with the answers. 

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Accident on I-40 Kills Charles Wilson

Our thoughts and  prayers are with the  family of Charles Wilson.  He was the victim of  the horrible crash on I-40 where an SUV hit a van and then rolled over on top of Charles Wilson as he cleaned up trash along the road.  View the latest  video from WRAL.