Lexus Recall

Toyota Motor Corp has issued a recall of certain model year 2013 Lexus G2 350 Sedans. There appears to be a problem with the steering which may lead to a crash.

On the affected vehicles the electronic control unit or ECU that controls the variable gear ratio of the steering system could cause the steering wheel to be off-center. In a document filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration the car maker said the problem can affect the car when it is restarted after being parked with the steering wheel turned.

If this happens the driver may not realize the steering wheel is off-center, and the car may move in an unexpected direction and possibly cause a crash.


The recall is to affect about 663 vehicles made between December 12, 2011 and February 7, 2012. To read more click here.

New Toyota Recalls

Toyota has announced a recall of approximately 4,500 Lexus vehicles in Japan and said it would extend that recall into the US and other countries soon.

The recall affects Toyota's luxury Lexus "LS" line and involves a computerized system that oversees how the steering wheel controls the tires. Read more

It appears the vehicles involved may have been manufactured from late August through May.The estimate for affected US cars is said to be about 4,000. Toyota has already recalled over 8 million vehicles worldwide.

Lexus Law Suit

An interesting class action suit has been filed against Lexus USA Inc., Toyota Motor Sales USA Inc. and others.  The suit was filed on behalf of owners of the ES350.  These automobiles are supposed to be equipped with sensors in the passenger side seat.  When the sensor is activated by the weight of  the passenger, the passenger airbag should engage and therefore deploy if there is a collision. This suit alleges that these sensors do not  function properly.
The suit goes on to explain that the defective vehicles are fitted with a weight sensor that gauges the weight of the person in the front passenger seat, but that these sensors have been found to be faulty.
The owners want Toyota to recall and repurchase all ES350s, refunds for those that leased the cars, each car to be refitted with a working airbag system, and compensation for any loss of value and costs owners incurred during this process.
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