Pool Slide Recall

It's warmer, the days are longer and that means more pool time. Recently, the CPSC  recalled 21,000 Banzai in-ground pool water slides following on death and two others reported severe injuries.

The CPSC determined that the slides were defective and could deflate suddenly, allowing the user to crash to the ground. The commission also found that the slide is unstable and can topple over in both still and windy conditions.


These slides have been sold at Toya R Us and Walmart.

The CPSC urges consumers to immediately stop using the product and bring it to the nearest Toys R Us or Wal-Mart for a refund. Consumers don’t need to bring the entire pool. They can just cut out the two safety warning notices out of the slide and return those for a refund.

Read the entire article here.

To read the CPSC notice please click here.

Pool Safety

With the unofficial start to summer kicking off this holiday weekend, we felt it important to revisit an issue we discussed before: pool and spa safety and drains. New regulations have gone into effect requiring newer safer drains.  Older drains have long since caused children to become entrapped, either causing severe bodily injury or death. The CPSC issued a new report today on pool and spa safety and revisited the drain issue.

New data (PDF) from CPSC also shows that from 1999 through 2008, there were 83 reports of pool and spa entrapments, including 11 deaths and 69 injuries. Since 1999, 14% of the reported suction/entrapment incidents at pools or spas were fatal.

The Pool and Spa Safety Act (P&SSAct) went into effect on December 19, 2008 and requires all public pools and spas to have anti-entrapment drain covers, and in certain circumstances, an additional anti-entrapment system. CPSC has prioritized public wading pools, kiddie pools and in-ground spas as the key areas of focus for enforcement and has called upon state departments of health to assist the agency in enforcing the law.

CPSC is also announcing the launch of a new Web site - www.PoolSafety.gov - which serves as a valuable source for information about the P&SSAct and drowning prevention. The new site provides information for the general public, the swimming pool and spa community, state and local officials, and the media.

Child safety is a paramount concern- please keep a careful eye on your children as they swim and play near pools and spas this summer.

If your child is ever injured by a product defect or otherwise, and you would like ot disuss it, feel free to contact our firm at 919-677-0144. Child safety is something we focus on, and something that is extremely important to us.

Umbrella Kills Man

A North Carolina man was killed last week after a pool side umbrella fell on top of him while he lounged near his apartment's pool. The umbrella or one of its parts appears to have pierced through his brain.

According to police the umbrella stand pierced Ward's head like an ice pick. "Doctors say the umbrella traveled through the brain stem and caused his brain to swell," said Detective John Keel with the Leland Police.

It has been reported that the apartment complex has removed the umbrellas and has replaced them with a safer design. Which of course begs the question, why are the "unsafer" types of umbrellas out there considering the likelihood they will topple over quite high?

Read the entire story here.


Pool Drain Issues

Awhile ago we had blogged about pool drains and the serious safety issues involving the drains and children. There are new safety standards regarding these drains. According to an article today, the president, David Lionetti, of Shoreline Pools in Connecticut has been charged with manslaughter after a 6 year-old boy drowned following being sucked into the drain. The police state that he:
"recklessly caused the death" of Zachary Cohn by failing to have his company install mandated safety devices in the pool the company built for the boy's family. Police alleged the safety devices would have prevented the boy's death.
In addition, the child's family has filed their own civil suit, alleges that
the pool violated safety code requirements designed in response to the rash of similar cases around the country.
The article can be read here. Pool drains can be a serious hazard. If you have been adversely affected and would like to speak about your matter, please do not hesitate to contact our firm.

Pool and Spa Drains

I was recently watching a television segment on the news regarding pool and spa drains. The story discussed how children can become entrapped in the drains, causing their intestines to essentially be sucked out due to the force of the drains. It is absolutely shocking the enormous injuries these old-styled drains can cause and the enormous strength they have.

Tje CPSC released a report and statement on May 21, 2008.
A new federal pool and spa safety law was signed by the President on December 19, 2007. The Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act requires that by December 19, 2008, all public pools and spas have safety drain covers, and in certain circumstances, an anti-entrapment system. The goal of the law is to improve the safety of all pools and spas by increasing the use of layers of protection and promoting uninterrupted supervision to prevent child drownings and entrapments.
The entire report may be read here.