Jeep Liberty Recall Expanded

The recall for the Jeep Liberty was just expanded to cover nearly 350,000 vehicles. According to NHTSA

the lower control arms in Liberty’s rear suspension can experience excess corrosion that can cause them to weaken and break. In such a situation that could lead to a loss of control and a possible crash, NHTSA warns. (Read more)


Elliptical Trainers Recalled

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued another recall for elliptical trainers. These exercise machines have become a common item in many American homes. Please check to be sure this recall does not affect you.

The Commission, along with distributor Johnson Health Tech North America, Inc., have recalled about 18,000 elliptical trainers. The brand names included in this recall are Horizon Fitness and LIVESTRONG Fitness Elliptical Trainers. There have been 58 reports of the pedal becoming disengaged from the machine. There have been no injuries reported thus far.

If you own a Horizon Fitness or LIVESTRONG Elliptical Trainer that was purchased between October 2009 and November 2009, please look for your model number, which is located on the top of the console display, and the serial number, located on the front of the machine. Then check here to find out if your model is listed under the recalled models. If it is, stop using the elliptical trainer immediately and call Johnson Heath Tech NA at 1-800-962-3596 for a free in-home pedal replacement.

If you have been injured by this defective product, please call our office immediately to discuss your potential case.